Swedish Botanical Wall Chart: Fläckigt Nyckelblomster (Orchis maculata L. ). Henriette. Eriksson Jakob Sjöberg.

Swedish Botanical Wall Chart: Fläckigt Nyckelblomster (Orchis maculata L. ).

Stockholm: P.A. Norstedt & Söners, 1906-1909. First edition. mounted onto buckram. A fine original early twentieth century color-printed lithograph mounted onto buckram and glazed with gum Arabic. (22.50 x 30 inches). Fine condition.

This fine botanical wall chart by Henriette Sjöberg and Jakob Eriksson illustrates a soft pink orchid plant surrounded by numbered details of the plant in various stages of its growth in detail and cross section from seed to blossom. Plant cell structure rendered in black and white.

Henriette Sjöberg (Stockholm: 1842-1915) was a painter, graphic artist and art teacher. She produced nearly 700 illustrations of Swedish plants for educational wall charts and newspapers. Her school wall chart series entitled Botanical Wall Charts was presented at the Stockholm World's Fair in 1897 and at the Paris Universelle Exposition in 1900. (Museum of Gothenburg).

Professor Jakob Eriksson (Hyllie, Sweden 1848-1931) was a noted plant pathologist, mycologist and expert in fungal pathogens at a cellular level. He taught botany at the Universities of Lund and Uppsala, and the Academy of Agriculture, where he was awarded the Token of Gold in 1897. The Jakob Eriksson Award; which bears his portrait was issued by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in 1923 to encourage the study on plant pathogens and disease development. Fine. Item #7239

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