Danish Botanical Wall Chart: #XX. Convolvulus, Bugloss, Campanula. Eugenius. Balslev Warming, Vilhelm.

Danish Botanical Wall Chart: #XX. Convolvulus, Bugloss, Campanula.

Copenhagen: Chr. Cato, c.1950. First edition. mounted onto buckram. A fine original color printed lithograph mounted onto buckram and coated with gum Arabic. 38.25 x 27.25 inches. Undated circa 1950. Fine condition.

A fine example of a large scale mid 20th century teaching aid based on the botanical studies of noted Danish Botanist Eugenius Warming (1841-1924); Professor of Botany and Director of the Copenhagen Botanical Gardens, and Natural Historian Vilhelm Balslev (1860-1935).
Originally sold through the venerable Herbert B. Palmer Gallery in Los Angeles during the early 1960's, this grand scientific illustration depicts a variety of colorful, larger than life yet finely detailed flora organized by the Linnaean classification system in an effort to encourage the study and appreciation of botany and horticulture in the classroom. Fine. Item #7233

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