Amherstia Nobilis, Wall; Flore des Serres et des Jardins de l'Europe. Louis. Lemaire Van Houtte, Charles, M. Scheidweiler.

Amherstia Nobilis, Wall; Flore des Serres et des Jardins de l'Europe

Ghent: Louis Van Houtte, 1845-1888. First edition. Matted in Rag Board. A Fine original hand-finished color-printed lithograph printed in Horto Van Houtteano. Folio (13.25 x 19.25 Inches). In recognition of both the burgeoning interest in horticulture throughout 19th Century Europe and the grand discoveries of the plant hunters worldwide, several botanical periodicals were produced to document and illustrate the beauty of new botanical specimens from around the globe. Flore des Serres et des Jardins de l'Europe, published in Ghent from 1845 to 1888 and edited by Charles Lemaire and Louis van Houtte, was among the finest horticultural journals produced at the time. The editors, experienced botanical engravers, botanists and nurserymen in their own right, brought their talents to this glorious publication which documented both the newly discovered exotics and the popularly cultivated plants of Europe, Asia, the Americas and beyond. Charles Lemaire was an engraver for P. J. Redoute's masterful works Les Liliaces, (Paris c. 1802-16) and Les Roses, both Folio and subsequent Octavo editions (Paris c.1817-24, 1835). Louis Van Houtte, proprietor of Establishment Louis Van Houtte, the largest and most esteemed nursery on the continent during the mid-19th century, commissioned his own team of plant explorers to travel and gather previously undiscovered orchids and other exotics for initial cultivation in his exclusive greenhouses, and then subsequent illustration and documentation in his Flore des Serres series. Production of the work ceased with the death of Louis van Houtte. Rich and luminous, this plate is printed from stone in multiple colors and then finished by hand at the printing studios amidst the van Houtte gardens. (DeBelder, Sitwell, Plesch). Near Fine with original hand-coloring. Item #5871

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