Male Land Locked Salmon or Quananiche (Salmo Salar Sebago. Girard). Sherman Foote Denton.

Male Land Locked Salmon or Quananiche (Salmo Salar Sebago. Girard).

New York: Forest, Fish and Game Commision, c. 1902. First printing. A Fine original chromolithograph printed on heavy coated stock. Quarto (9 x 12.5 Inches). Published as part of the unbound portfolio of prints. This is one of the finest of the late 19th to early 20th century American chromolithographs: a color-printed lithograph in which a separate stone was used for the application of each color, thus requiring meticulous registration to recreate the subtle tones of blended color simulating the iridescence of the fish. This fine chromolithograph was produced from the original watercolors by Sherman Foote Denton (1856-1937), who pioneered the technique for preserving the fish in preparation for depiction by which the specimen retained its vivid and authentic iridescence and coloration. As stated in the Annual Reports of the State of NY Fisheries, Game and Forest Commissions c. 1898-1909: "no colored figures of fishes in existence exceed them for truthfulness or beauty of execution." This image is digitally watermarked for online display purposes only. The original print is in fine unaltered condition. Fine condition. Item #3756

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